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  • Main menu: All functions can be accessed using the main menu
  • Toolbar: Some functions can be started directly from the toolbar
  • Statusbar: Information about the status, last messages etc.
  • 2D view: The actual board
  • 3D view: The cube in 3D games
  • Rack: Tiles available to place are collected on the rack
  • Messages: All messages, the game course, and the scores are shown in this view
  • Game server: View and interact with players currently online at the game server
  • Computer: The computer can be used for analysis purpose
  • Word search: Some ways to find a word are provided
  • Network: Network games can be run directly or via dedicated game server
  • New Game: Dialog to start a game
  • Next player: What happens when a move has been finished
  • Statistics: Some information on finished games
  • Configuration: About the central configuration
  • Configuration assistant: Assistant to support the configuration


The configuration can be done in simple mode for the most important features only, or in advanced mode with expert access to all options. But the simple mode offeres access to all relevant features as well via links.

Mode: Simple

  • Game: Preset with all settings concerning the game play
  • Dictionary: Games should have access to a list of valid words
  • Rules: Set of rules as used in regional tournaments
  • Design: Scrabble3D supports theming and modding
  • Localization: Labels have been translated to several languages

Mode: Advanced

Additional Information

Game server