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Frequently the question is asked: "How can I help?". And the first answer is: "Have fun!". Every player enjoying the game proves the long lasting work. And positive feedback or reviews are pleasant in particular.

Much helpful as well is negative feedback. If something does not work as expected, is inconvenient, or might be improved in another way, should be reported. You may use Bugs or Support of, a new thread in the forum (which can be accessed partially without registration), or per email to the author in a pinch. "In a pinch" because others might benefit from your post, support your ideas, or solve the problem. In any case the issue should be described as precise as possible. Please add the program version you are using, which settings you have applied, what happens before, what do you expect.

Feaure wishes can be dumped in the same way. All ideas are welcome - even if not every suggestion will be applied immediately.

If you want to engage further you might try to create new designs. Of course more dictionaries and localizations at Transifex are welcome too. And this Wiki should be available in more languages as well.

And people with experience in Freepascal/Lazarus might help writing the code itself. Source code is published; with at least dependencies to 3rd party libraries. Collaboration should be easily arranged.

And last but not least there are options to donate the project either per Bitcoin (see About dialog) or Gittip. Paypal is deliberately not available.

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