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With localization the language of labels in menus and dialogs is set. This setting is independent from the used dictionary; you can have an English interface and run games in Farsi.

The installation is as easy as possible. The dialog lists all available localizations (the list is refreshed on every check on updates). Files are hosted on, you can download it for free (see as well the license). Just double click an item or use the 'Load' button. If a file is not yet locally available you have to confirm the download. Local files are recognized by a version number. It is possible to delete local files via the trash icon.

Information about the localization is shown below the list: file name, author, and release date.

Localization related settings are saved automatically. Settings are not related to a preset. All changes are immediately active.


The actual translation is done on Transifex. This platform offers options for efficient and cooperative work. To join the localization team you have to register at Transifex. Via "English (United Kingdom) > Program > Translate now" you will find the English version.

To make the finished work available for the community just send an email to the author please. Scrabble3D is an open source project - every help is welcome!

alternative localization

Previous versions of Scrabble3D used a different kind of localization. Some aspects are done more easily but many new features are not available. Both variants are still supported - the instruction for the legacy localization can be found here.

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