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Scrabble is a board game with the goal to place letters on the board like in crosswords. Up to four players can take part in a game. Every player gets a limited number of letters (usually 7 or 8) per move and tries to compose a word using these letters with the prerequisite to connect it with at least one existing word on the board. The scoring depends on the letters (rare letters earn more points) and the premium fields that multiply either the value of a letter or the whole word. The player with most points wins the game when no letter is left (or can be placed anymore).

Scrabble3D extends the conventional idea of Scrabble by adding a third dimension. You do not only play from left to right or top to bottom but as well 'into the depth' that means in front or back of tiles. Scrabble3D has more fields and uses therefore a larger letter set. Compared to the classic game, the major focus is on the search for valid and precious combinations, especially when the cube gets filled with tiles.

Of course classic games using a 15x15 fields or Superscrabble with 21x21 squares can be played too, and you may configure any field setting yourself. Aim of the program is to provide as much flexibility as possible: you can configure letter set, dictionary, localization, and design in various aspects. Furthermore, Scrabble3D offers diverse option according regional tournament rules as well as some advanced and complete new features like CLABBERS, Cambio Secco, or the what-if variant.

You can play against the computer, local players or via the Internet. It is also possible to connect to a game server to find other players from all over the world and obtain a rating. Games can be run asynchronous on the game server, that means you play time-shifted and make your move when you want. Running games can be kibitzed, that means observed, and you can chat with other players.

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  • Main menu: All functions can be accessed using the main menu
  • Toolbar: Some functions can be started directly from the toolbar
  • Statusbar: Information about the status, last messages etc.
  • 2D view: The actual board
  • 3D view: The cube in 3D games
  • Rack: Tiles available to place are collected on the rack
  • Messages: All messages, the game course, and the scores are shown in this view
  • Game server: View and interact with players currently online at the game server
  • Computer: The computer can be used for analysis purpose
  • Word search: Some ways to find a word are provided
  • Network: Network games can be run directly or via dedicated game server
  • New Game: Dialog to start a game
  • Next player: What happens when a move has been finished
  • Statistics: Some information on finished games
  • Configuration: About the central configuration
  • Configuration assistant: Assistant to support the configuration


The configuration can be done in simple mode for the most important features only, or in advanced mode with expert access to all options. But the simple mode offeres access to all relevant features as well via links.

Mode: Simple

  • Game: Preset with all settings concerning the game play
  • Dictionary: Games should have access to a list of valid words
  • Rules: Set of rules as used in regional tournaments
  • Design: Scrabble3D support theming and modding
  • Localization: Labels have been translated to several languages

Mode: Advanced

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