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The toolbar provides direct access to frequently used functions. All toolbar items have an extended tooltip (depending on the actual localization): To show the tooltip just hover the pointer over an item, without clicking it, and wait a moment.


The left-most button closes the program. Next to it you can start a new game and finish a move (next player). The hand icon is used in games with challenge mode for word check mode to object a move - it is only enabled for a short period, depending on your settings.

The icon with two arrows is used for the Cambio Secco and exchanges all tiles on the rack without loss of the move. With a click on the trash icon currently placed tiles are removed to the rack. And during a 3D game the cube is rotated to the initial position.

Per click on the wheelchair the computer generates a list of all valid words. The highest possible score is shown in the status bar and at the messages but not the word itself. If you don't want to meditate about the best word, you can use the right hand numeric input to place the first, second, and so on. Browse through the list or enter a number between 1 (the highest score) and the maximum found word (least score). Alternatively, you can use +/- on the numeric keypad. If the calculation is done post-hoc, that means after game end, the ranking of your actual placed word is shown directly.

Next button is to pause or resume a running game with time limit. The digits denote the time left, counting down to zero. In games with unlimited time the total used time is shown counting up. Per click on the globe the network dialog opens to connect with the game server or to run a local network game. The icon get small red and green decorations on transmissions. If you are connected you can use this button to disconnect. Right hand you can change the visibility of games to private or public. In private mode kibitzes cannot join and observe your game.

The magnifier opens the word search dialog. The next button shows the [[statistics and the right most button with the question mark can be used to open the main page of this help.

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