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The downloaded files with the extension msi are executable. On double click the normal installation process starts which might require administrative rights.

Welcome Licence agreement Installation type Start Progress Finished
Schritt 1: Welcome Schritt 2: Licence Schritt 3: Type Schritt 4: Start Schritt 5: Progress Schritt 6: Finished

The program can be uninstalled via system settings. Although the configuration folder with all user files will be preserved and should be deleted manually.


Linux packages are available as binaries only (of course, the source code in object pascal is available). Debian packages (deb) are installed with apt-get. The shell command is
apt-get install Scrabble3D-i386.deb
and for Red-Hat packages (rpm) it is
rpm -ivh Scrabble3D-i386.rpm
(you have to authorize in both cases with su/sudo). At OpenSuSE the tool zypper can be used as well (zypper install Scrabble3D-i386.rpm).

Depending on you distribution you might apply the graphical installation routines too. Under Ubuntu it looks as following:

Ubuntu Software Center
Ubuntu Software Center: Simply click "Install"

Under Arch Linux, Scrabble3D is available at the Arch User Repository (AUR), that means installation can be done per "yaourt -S Scrabble3D" (which installs the 64bit Debian package). But currently it fails since the check sum is outdated.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X starts the installer (pkg) automatically or per Finder. After successful installation the program can be started from "applications".

Welcome Target volume Finished
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All portable versions for Windows (win32 und win64) and Linux (i386 und x86_64.tar.gz für 32bit und 64bit, as well as QScrabble3D-x86_64.tar.gz in case of the Qt flavour) are Zip/Gzip-compressed binaries. Extract the content in any folder with write permission. Under Mac OS X the respective disk image (dmg) can be mounted via Finder and the content extracted similarly.

In contrast to the installer versions you will not get an entry at the start menu and have to start the program directly.

First start

At the first start the configuration assistant is shown. This dialog guides you through the major steps of individualization and downloads additional files (please make sure your internet connection is active). The assistant might get restarted later again.

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