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In contrast to the normal, synchronous game mates in asynchronous games are not simultaneously online - or rather not grouped. This can either be caused unintentionally by a network error or deliberately to run time shifted games. Every move is stored on the server and the game can be reloaded later thereby. It makes sense to deactivate the time limit in asynchronous games to allow every player sufficient time to play a move.

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Stored network games

All players must be connected in a group to start an asynchronous game. Once everyone has agreed to the start the new game, you will be able to reload the game after leaving the group and even when you log out from the server. To load such a game just click at the main menu 'File' > 'Load remote game...'. This opens a dialog window in which all stored games are listed including when the game was started, when the last move was done, the list of players, and the total number of moves. In cases it is your turn the item is indicated by a green arrow. Finished games have a red symbol; all other games have no special marker. It should be noted that in a finished match the green arrow not (yet) necessarily appears (it's not your turn but the game was ended by another player), but you need to reload it in any case to perform the game end calculation. Games that are not touched for a certain period are removed from the list (that is after 14 days on the Free International Scrabble Server).

To load a game select the item and click 'Load'. If you are grouped with other players all have to confirm the operation. Those that are previously involved in this game will continue it as normal player like in a synchronous game. Players who have not participated in this game become a kibitz, that means they will just observe the game.

Asynchronous games are unique in that no other players will confirm questions such as if the game can be paused or even to reject unknown words. Fair play is up to you. After clicking on next player you may leave the group or logout from the server - and wait for the moves of your mates. If you have entered your email address in the network dialog the server will send you an email when it's your turn.

If you are not able to make a move anymore, for example when you run out of time, you should still reload the game in order to (automatically) click on 'Next player'. Otherwise the game would be stalled. If you load a game that has been ended yet you will receive the final calculation including the new rating. Those games remains available for a couple of days (currently 14 days). It is possible to save a local copy of the game, you can perform a post-hoc game analysis, and you can show it to friends by inviting them as a kibitz.

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