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Moves are finished with the function Next player from main menu, toolbar, or per ctrl+N. The function is called automatically with the currently placed tiles in case of a timeout, if you play with a time limit, and if additional time cannot be 'bought'.

A move is accepted if

  • a tile is placed on the (gray) start square in case of the first move
  • all tiles are placed in one dimension, i.e. either in a column, or row respectively stack in case of 3D mode
  • one or more tiles are connected to previously placed tiles, except for the first move
  • tiles are consecutively placed, that means with out empty squares between the tiles (previously placed tiles are accepted)

If you play with the 'what-if' variant and one tile has been jokerized,

  • the move has to score with at least as much points as the bingo receives

If one of this basic rules is violated the player can adjust his move unless he or she has run out of time. If no letter has been placed and nothing was marked for exchange you have to confirm that you just want to pass.

In respect to the word check mode the placed word and all connected words are checked for validity. In case of the modus 'takeback' the actual player gets the opportunity to correct his or her move. Otherwise the validity of placed word(s) will be confirmed by the mates. This first confirmation is not applicable in mode 'poll'. Poll means all mates are asked to confirm the word if it isn't contained in one dictionary (of course there is only one dictionary in local games, but every player might potentially have her own word list in network games). The word is treated as valid if all mates accept it. If one disagrees the tiles are put back on the rack. The move will be treated as a pass with zero points. In case of the 'challenge' mode the validation process is not started until one of the opponents objects a placed word. To do so you have to click on the hand symbol in the toolbar, as long as it is available. Once the placed word(s) is/are challenged the normal validation with poll starts.

The game ends by Next player if the maximal number of passes are reached, or all letters have been placed and the last move is valid. In challenge mode the next player is explicitly asked for objection if the move ends the game.

After finalization of a move a message is added with the information who placed which word(s) and how many points he or she received. In network mode a dialog pops-up if it's your turn. The current player is also identified in the statusbar by a red frame around the player's alias.

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