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The program offers two ways to play via network: 'local' games per client/server connection and via a dedicated gamer server. When you open the network connection dialog per toolbar you an chose the type in the upper area.

Direct connection

Dialog to start a network game in client/server mode

One or more clients connect in this type of game to a server identified by his IP address. Reserved for local network are the address space of 192.168.*.* and 127.*.*.* but you can use the workstation name as well. For example, if your PC is called Sun and you start the network game as server, another PC in the same LAN can connect as client to this PC using the name Sun or the IP address (e.g. Network communication is done via application specific ports. Scrabble3D uses port 5001 by default but you can change it in local games if necessary, for example if this port is blocked by the firewall. But be sure that clients uses the same port.

Up to three clients can connect this server. Players are identified by an unique alias, you will get a warning if the name is in use. Passwords are not used for connections in local games. If another player joins a running game or if someone disconnects the game might become instable. Please take care to start if this happens.

The configuration of game is defined by the player who starts the game. As in synchronous games all decisions needs to be confirmed by every player. For example, if a word is not found in a dictionary every player has to accept it - or the move is treated as invalid. All network features are supported except the opportunity to resume a game. And there will be no highscore list.

Basically the client/server connection works not only for local networks but also with any IP address outside the local area. However, the server has to make sure that the router's NAT (or rather PAT) configuration is done appropriately in order to allow users to connect. You should be an advanced user since changing those settings yield security risks. Consider to use the game server instead.

Game server

Dialog to start a network game on the game server

Both the registration and the usage of the game server is free of charge. You have to enter a password just to make sure that your alias is not used by other players. Optionally, you can enter your email address to get informed if someone sends you a message when you are offline. Or in case you run an asynchronous game and it's your turn. Leave it empty if you don't want to spread your email address; on every re-connection the database will be updated with your current input in this field.

The information of country and city are important for identifying players with the right language. Keep in mind that the game server is a real Babylon since people from all over the world connect here. Both are not stored at the server.

The game server offers a couple of additional features. So it is possible to run normal games but as well asynchronous games that are played time-shifted. You can observe other players (kibitz), and wins and loses are counted for a rating.

You should start getting familiar with how to use the game server first.

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