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Main menu

All program functions are controlled by the main menu. It contains of the following menu items:

File Game Configuration Information
Load from... (Ctrl+O) New game (Ctrl+G) Settings (Ctrl+T) Check for updates
Save as... (Ctrl+S) Next player (Ctrl+N) Assistant Online help... (Wiki)
Network Challenge move (Ctrl+H) Discussions... (Forum)
Screenshot... Compute best moves (Ctrl+B) News... (Twitter)
Wort search (Ctrl+W) Game analysis Social media... (Facebook)
Exit Run demo Localization... (Transifex)
Statistics About

Depending on the program state some items might be disabled. For example, as long a game has not been started the computer will not be able to calculate a move, of course.

Under File you have access to load and save game states, and to establish a network connection. Per screenshot you can create an image of the current 2D view with all tiles on the rack at the bottom. And word search opens another dialog that allows to browse the dictionary and search for words. If you are connected to the game server, the upper two menu items are modified. The item 'load remote game' opens a dialog with all running or ended games that are stored on the server. The menu item save a local copy is disabled until a network game has been ended.

All function concerning the game are available with the next category. Per click on new game you can start a game with the actual configuration, and with next player a move is finished. With challenge move you can object the recently placed words, if the respective word check mode option has been activated. Compute best move can be used to calculate all valid moves. After game end it is possible to run a post-hoc game analysis. Thereby all moves are evaluated and compared with the actual scoring. You can run a demo, that starts a new game based on the actual settings with four players controlled by the computer. The demo runs continuously and starts automatically a new game until you click again on this item to end it. Finally some statistics about your locally played games are available. In network mode the dialog shows additionally the high-score list of the 20 players with the highest rating on the server, including your own rating and ranking.

The configuration provides access to all game parameters, like the dictionary, optional rules, the board, and the design. Furthermore, the configuration assistant can be started again which was shown after the first run.

Below the menu item Information you can check for updates, that means whether a new release is available or if any of the additional files has a newer version. The following items open the page in your standard browser. That is the online help (this wiki), the option to discuss aspects of the program (forums), to read news (Twitter), you may become a fan (Facebook), and you have access to the localization of the project (Transifex). Last and least, About opens a dialog with information about the current release, the license, and 3rd party tools.

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