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Statistics dialog in local mode
Statistics dialog in network mode

The statistics dialog shows information about previous game results. It distinguishes between human players (all local games), and the computer. The information consists of

  • Total number of moves
  • Number of (finished) games
  • Move with highest score (best move)
  • Game with highest score (best game)
  • Average move value
  • Average game result
  • Average time per move
  • Average time per game
  • Total time on game

When connected to the game server a second tab for network statistics is shown. In the upper area you get a detailed statistic about your opponents. The game server stores game results and shows the top 10 results separately for wins and loss. Since this features was introduced with release 3.1.4 not all data are included and the total number of games might be different. The lower area is shown only in network mode when you are connected to a game server. It comprises of the NSA ratings of all players with at least ten finished games illustrated via histogram. The vertical red line indicates the own position in this distribution. The tooltip shows the detailed information of own rating and the rank.

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