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With Check for updates you configure the interval in which Scrabble3D checks for updates. By click on Now this procedure is started immediately.

The option Use proxy for network connections allows the configuration in special settings and should be activated only if you need to communicate over proxy.

The page network contains not only network settings but as well a couple of miscellaneous features.

All user data are located in a special configuration directory with guaranteed write access. Under Windows XP this directory is located at c:\documents and settings\<user name>\locale settings\application data\Scrabble3D (Linux uses ~./.config/Scrabble3D). By default, the directories are hidden in the file browser. For convenience, you can copy the complete path to your file manager, or just open it directly per click on the button right hand.

Per Movie export it is possible to instruct Scrabble3D to export a sequence of screen shots from a game play and combine those using ffmpeg to a video clip. In order to start this feature you need to install the program, and enter the path here. In the field right-hand you can add parameters to the program call like the desired frame rate. Once you have configured the movie export this features is offered as another file type in the screen shot dialog.

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