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Dialog 'New Game'

The dialog to start a new game is opened per click on the respective button on the toolbar, at the main menu, or via ctrl+G.

At the left area you can choose how many players participate in the game. With this selection the input fields get activated which offers a preset of user names (1st player, 2nd player etc.), completed by the previously entered names. For example you can change the default '1st player' to 'Scotty'. This name will be available later for fast selection in the drop-down control. The name 'Computer' is reserved for the PC as opponent (see computer as player).

The check box 'Auto pause in local games' pauses the game after every move until the current player intentionally restarts. This function is useful to hide opponent's tiles which would be shown otherwise after clicking 'next player'.

The option sequence allows to choose between randomized or alternating order. Randomized means the sequence of players is decided by chance for every game resulting in the unwanted effect that one player starts the game again and again. Alternating, however, uses the sequence as defined in the dialog but moves the last player to the beginning so the sequence is balanced. In network mode this setting is only available when all player in the group are using at least version 3.1.4 (otherwise the legacy mode is randomized). To modify the option then it is necessary to change it in the configuration.

In network mode all inputs on the left part of the dialog are disabled. The fields contain the aliases of active group members (kibitzes are not active).

The right section offers a fast selection to all presets, i.e. predefined configurations. If you select another set the appropriate settings are loaded directly. The table below shows a roundup for the most important settings of the active configuration. This includes the dictionary and the chosen categories, the board, number of tiles, jokers, random letters and so on.

During network mode the right sections shows the configuration that has been transmitted by the player who started the game. And the dropdown control is disabled in this case.

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