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Rule options

The subitem options below rules provides some options to adopt the game for regional standards as well as some newly introduced features.

Simple check boxes

Joker exchange

As a new feature, Scrabble3D introduces the option to exchange previously placed jokers with the equivalent letter. Just move the tile onto the placed joker and drop it if this option is set and the letters are the same (the drag symbol shows whether or not dropping is possible). When you exchange a joker nothing else is allowed thereafter - no change of tile, no placement of letters.

Jokerization (What-if-only variant)

With Jokerization also known as what-if-only variant allows the exchange of a tile at the rack into a joker. However the move is treated as valid subsequently only when the move scores with at least points as defined at the bonus for a Scrabble/Bingo (usually 50 points). The functions is available in every move for one tile on the rack. The joker is not drawn from the bag so you will probably end with more jokers on the board than originally defined.

Cambio Secco

Cambio Secco is a well known extension at the Italian rules. Once in a game you can exchange all tiles on the rack without losing the right to move.

Treat zero moves as pass

With the option Treat zero moves as pass the effect of moves with zero points to the game end is controlled. If the option is checked the change of tiles or invalid moves are counted as well as a pass.

Subtract/Add left tile's value

These two options control the final evaluation. The score of all not placed tiles will be deducted from the player's result, if the option is set. The sum of all deducted values is added to the result of the player who ended the game. Therefore, the option to add left tile's value is available only if subtraction is checked.

Numerical Options

Penalty for jokers left

If someone has jokers not placed after the game end, this could be penalized with extra points for every joker on the rack.

Passes until game end

Repeated pass lead to game end. With this option you control how often every player can pass (or do a zero point move in respect to setting above). The default setting if 2 for English means that every player can have 2 passes so in total 4 times no tile is placed. You get informed about the remaining moves in the messages. If one of the player makes a valid move the number of passes is set to zero.

Bonus on game end

A player who ends the game with a Scrabble may receive an extra bonus for this feat. The value 0 means no bonus is given, which is the default.

Limit exchange to #tiles

Some regional rules restrict the change of tiles at the rack to a certain number of tiles left in the bag. For instance, the Spanish rules require more than 1 tile left, the Italian rule 3, and in French it is the number of tiles on the rack (that is 7). The English default 0 means that you can exchange as long as the bag is not empty.

Bonus für Scrabbles/Bingos

With this option you can change the bonus when all tiles are placed at once from the known 50 points to any other value. Consider to play with this option in combination with the jokerization.

Player sequence

This option replicates the setting from the new game dialog. It is the only way to switch the sequence when in network mode, but available only if all players in the group run at least release 3.1.4.

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