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Time control

A couple of modes for time control are available in Scrabble3D. In case of limit per game you can choose as well how to proceed after timeout.

All specification is done in hours:minutes:seconds (hh:mm:ss). Changes will be applied to the next game.

Time control

No limit

Select no limit to have as much time as you need for all moves. The display at the toolbar will show the total used time per player instead of a countdown.

per move

If you decide to limit the time per move every player has only as much time per move as specified. If a player runs out of time the move is finished with the currently placed tiles. In this case you cannot correct the move even if the word check mode is 'takeback'. Misplaced tiles as well as unknown words lead to an invalid move.

per game

With a limitation per game you define the maximum time of the game. The value applies to the total time, that means it is equally split over players. For instance, if you run a game with two players and set the limit to 02:00:00 (two hours), every player will have up to one hour to play.

Time penalty

In case of limitation per move the next player function is executed automatically on a time out. Thereby the move is finished and placed tiles are checked for validity. For a limitation per game some options are available:

Game end for player

The player who has run out of time will 'pass' automatically. She will be asked in polls, but cannot place or exchange tiles. However, the auto pass function works in asynchronous games only when the player loads the game.

Penalty per minute

Some tournament rules stipulate a penalty in form of deducted points for every minute. Of course this feature is only available if the player has enough points. Furthermore it is often limited to a certain number of repeated time-outs. Otherwise the auto pass function comes into play. The game applies the penalty automatically, you will get just a short information. The British and American tournament rules allow up to 10 additional minutes, every one costs 10 points.

Game lost after final time out

You can decide whether or not a player who runs finally out of time can still win the game if she has gathered a high scoring, or if she forfeits the game. If you check this option (which is the standard in English tournaments), and the 10 additional minutes are expired, the score is zeroed. And of course this player will auto pass now.

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