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In the status bar the most important information to the running game are shown. It is separated in six panels:

status bar

Red.png The progress on loading a dictionary, downloading files from the Internet, or when the computer calculates valid moves is shown left most.
Yellow.png The second panel is used for textual messages. It always shows the last information.
Green.png The player names are listed in the actual, randomized sequence within the third panel. If 'use player colors' is checked, the text font is set accordingly. The player who is currently on turn gets is frame with red color.
Blue.png The next panel is an indicator of the scoring in respect to the currently placed tiles. Scoring can be calculated only when the placement follows basic rules. But words are not verified and, therefore, the indicator cannot be used for cheating. The bar scales from 0 to 100. In case of a higher scoring the maximum of 100 points is used.
Violett.png Information about game status are shown in the panel before the last. Per right click you may open a context menu and chose from a) number of tiles left, b) time left, and c) current scoring. With tiles left the number of tiles in the bag is shown, plus the number of tiles on the racks as long as the bag is not empty. For instance, a value of 62+14 means that 62 tiles are in are bag and 14 on the racks. If the bag is empty the number of tiles left is broken down for players. As well the font is colored according players if this option is set in the configuration.
Orange.png Right most a couple of status icons are shown about the game settings. That is: word check mode, joker exchange , and what-if variant. Icons that are grayed out indicate that the game settings do not include this feature. Druing the network mode you get another symbol there for poll results. It consists of a pie diagram with red sections for "No" and green for "Yes".


Every panel has its own tooltip. A special feature is available for the game information panel (pink area). On the one hand all options are shown at once (tiles left, scoring, time left), but with the extra of all tiles in the bag and on the racks (just as if you count placed tiles). Question marks stand for jokers, exclamation marks for random letters.

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