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Standard download at

Installation packages

All installation packages for Scrabble3D are hosted at The program is available in a multiplicity of variants of which only one can be offered as default by the platform. That is 32bit for Windows and Linux/Gtk2 with Debian packaging. Yo may choose another version via „Browse All Files“ or „Files“ from Main_Program. The folder contains the Windows versions in 32bit (Scrabble3D-win32.msi) and 64bit (Scrabble3D-win64.msi) – msi-files (Microsoft Installer) are executable and start the installation – as well as all variants for Linux and Mac OS X. Versions linked against the Qt-framework are called Qscrabble*.


An alternative installation is possible with the portable versions. It contains of zip-packed binaries that additionally do not access user files at the special configuration directory but uses the same folder as the program.

Once Scrabble3D has been installed successfully it features the download of additional user files like dictionaries, localization, and designs. And functions are integrated to keep the program up-to-date.

Source code

Source code is available at via SVN:

svn checkout scrabble3d

Test versions

Development cycles usually comprises of several new functions that can be tested continuously. Files are available at Files: Main_Program/Test. In order to discriminate them easily from regular files, names start with "Test-". Usually only 32bit versions for Windows (win32) and Linux (i386) are published. The availability is announced in the forums.

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