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A design is a zip compressed file that contains at least the file "content.xml" and model data as well as textures in case of a self-made design. All parameters concerning the configuration are entered into the config.xml and will be loaded on game start. Both the XML format as well as the content are similar to the actual Scrabble3D configuration stored in the file "Scrabble3D.conf", whereas only the section <Design> is of interest. That means you can just copy this section from your configuration into the content.xml to share your settings.

Additionally to the <Design> section, the file has to contain <General> (which is not the same as for Scrabble3D.conf). This section provides meta information. In particular, the parameter <Version> is important for the validity checks.

On loading a design the program expects self-made 3D models and textures with a predefined name. Otherwise the system standard is used. The board with the respective material file has the name "board.obj/board.mtl", tiles are known as "piece.obj/piece.mtl", and letters as "letter.obj/letter.mtl". The program looks for textures for premium squares under the names "Normal.bmp", "DoubleLetter.bmp", "TripleLetter.bmp", "QuadLetter.bmp", "DoubleWord.bmp", "TripleWord.bmp", "QuadWord.bmp", "Start.bmp", "Letter.bmp", "NewLetter.bmp", "MalusSingleLetter.bmp", "MalusDoubleLetter.bmp", "MalusTripleLetter.bmp" und "MalusQuadLetter.bmp".

To make a design available to the community just send it per email to the author of Scrabble3D (check the about dialog). By integrating this design into the process of auto updates it is published for all players.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   <Version Value="1.0.1"/>
   <MaxVers Value="1"/>
   <Author Value="Scotty"/>
   <Date Value="31.10.2013"/>
   <Comment Value="Simple design without 3D"/>
   <cbShowScore Value="True"/>
   <cbRoman Value="False"/>

Text of the file 'content.xml', that is packed (zip) into a design file (dsgn).

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