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Additional user files

For a reasonable use of the program you should install a dictionary. This file as well as the localization of menus and designs can be downloaded and installed directly from the program. After choosing a file in the configuration dialog that is not yet locally available you have to confirm the download first, and all processing is done automatically. The progress is shown at the status bar. The download is done in background in a separate thread so you can use the program in the meantime.

User files are located in a special folder with guaranteed write permission (except of the portable versions). Depending on the operation system it might be not easy to find this directory. Therefore a convenience feature is available with direct access in the configuration dialog.

In case you want to clean up your installation you can delete user files that have been downloaded with the trash can symbol below the respective dialog.

Update of installed files

After the first start, and later at regular intervals, the program checks for updates. A small file is downloaded in which all available files together with the most recent version number are listed. These data are compared with the already downloaded files and, if the version number is different, updated after confirmation by the user. If the main program is being updated you will be asked to close the running application by the installer. All other files are loaded in background.

Further information

The auto updater does not only update files but provides as well the most recent links to this help (wiki), to the forums, and other sources. Especially, the list of known game servers is updated with this procedure.

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