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An essential part of the game is to proof the validity of placed words. This can be achieved by a dictionary with sufficient entries. Additionally, the computer will find a word by pieces only with access to a proper dictionary.

Dictionaries have been provided by the community for a couple of languages. The English dictionary contains the TWL06 word list as well as the Collins Scrabble Words (SOWPODS). You can switch off this category easily for tournaments according the US standards. All entries of the English dictionary have a short description like 'SNAFU: to cause confusion'.

Dictionaries may contain as well special characters like English phonetics or math. The latter consists of formulas like 1+1=2 and your tiles are 1,2,3,+ etc.

Changes to the dictionary become immediately effective also for running games.


The installation is as easy as possible. The dialog lists all available dictionaries (the list is refreshed on every check on updates). Files are hosted on and can be downloaded freely. Just double click an item or use the 'Load' button. If a file is not yet locally available you have to confirm the download. Local files are recognized by a version number. It is possible to delete local files via the trash icon.

Information about the dictionary is shown below the list: version number, release data, and author, number of words total and active depended on categories, licence, copyright, and comments. Categories are directly linked to the 'advanced page'.

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