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Configuration assistant

The configuration wizard was implemented to support the first setup. Scrabble3D can run out of the box, but for a reasonable game play you should download additional files (it works like a plug-in), like a dictionary, and localize the rules.

The assistant guides through the process in three steps. Every step presents you with a list of options where you have to select one, and go ahead via Next. When a download is required you have to confirm first. For a standard game according the rules in U.S. you have to select English (American English) three times, for instance.

1. Selection of language

At first you have to chose your language for localization. All localization including English (the in-build English text is quite compact) is read from a file. In case the file is not available locally you have to confirm the download. The chosen localization is applied instantly. You don't need to restart the program.

2. Selection of dictionary

Via Next you go to the second step to pick the dictionary. Again you have to confirm the download (which might take a few seconds since the file is bigger; 1.8MB for English). The download progress is shown at the status bar at the lower left area. When finished the file is activated (loaded into memory). But you may proceed with the next step since both the download as well as the activation is done in background.

3. Configuration of rules

In the third and last step the basic setup is configured. It applies the official tournament rules with two simplifications:

  • the word check mode is set to Takeback (the default value is "Challenge", i.e. players have to object words actively)
  • the time limit is set to no limit (the default value depends on regional tournament rules but in most cases it is limited per game)

4. Finalization

Via click on Ok this preset is saved under the name Standard and active for the next game. All settings can be changed later. The language is available at localization, the dictionary has its own page, and tournament rules can be tweaked as well.

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