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Scrabble3D aims to support most regional rules. This means that the distribution of tiles can be adjusted, the time limit can be set as you want, the boards can be changed, and a lot of known and newly introduced features can be applied.

All changes to rules become effective with the next game start.


Most settings depend on a certain language area. For English it is for instance:

  • Letters: English distribution of letters, seven tiles on the rack, two jokers, no random letters,
  • Board: Classic Scrabble board with 15x15 squares,
  • Time limit: Time is limited per game to 50min; a penalty of 10 points per minute is imposed after time-out; game is lost after 10x penalties
  • Options: none

You can set every single option individually: sub pages of the extended mode are accessible via the blue links.

Rule settings become not effective unless a new game is started. This applies to games in network mode too. In this case the settings of the player who initiates a new game are transmitted to the group, and can be reviewed in the configuration dialog.

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