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Both, the classic Scrabble as well as Superscrabble are played on the two-dimensional board. But even the spatial game in 3D mode make use of the 2D view to place tiles.

2D view

Tiles are moved per drag 'n drop from the rack to the 2D view, and shown there as newly placed tiles after dropping. Unless the move has not been finished the placed letters can be moved in the same way back, or to another position. You can as well right click a tile to send it immediately back to the rack. When tiles are moved to an illegal position the cursor is changed to a nodrop symbol, and dropping wouldn't be accepted.

Keyboard usage: I and 9 have been pressed

As of release 3.1.4 you may also place tiles per keyboard. To do so you have to type the letter and the number of the starting coordinate, for instance H and 8 - or 8 and H, the sequence doesn't matter. The horizontal and vertical squares starting from H8 will be highlighted. You can change the start point by pressing any letter or number - the start coordinate will be updated accordingly. When ready press one of the cursor keys, i.e. up, down, left or right. Thereafter you cannot change the position anymore, except you cancel with escape and restart. To actually place tiles just type the word you want to place. Every character will be assumed as one square. If, for instance, NA is being placed at H9 and you start at H8 typing SNAFU the NA will be used (even when you type SSSFU). In case a tile is not present on the rack the joker will be used, if possible. Otherwise nothing is placed and the position is not advanced.

Rows and columns are labeled with letters and numbers (at the 3D mode additionally with greek letters or roman numbers). The size is adjusted automatically. Field colors, letter font, the indication of the last move, least move's color etc. - all can be adjusted as you want via configuration. And you can modify the look and feel of the board by designing an own design or loading one of the predefined.

The dictionary may include a meaning for every word, for instance the description or a translation. This meaning can be shown as tooltip, that shows up when you hover with the mouse over a placed word. Intersections of two (or more) words retrieve the information for all items. To avoid cheating the tooltip is deactivated for words unless the move is finished, and in case of challenge mode. If you play CLABBERS, the real words to the placed anagram are added to the tooltip.

In case of three-dimensional games you can change the active layer per clicking on a coordinate. Assuming, for example, the active dimension is xy and you have y=A..O on the vertical axis and x=1..15 on the horizontal with an active layer of z=VIII. When you click on the coordinate A the dimension changes to xz with active layer on A. And you can iterate through dimensions per click on the top left most field. All functions concerning the 3D mode are available in the respective view as well.

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